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Here at Visit West Dorset we want to grab your attention to explore West Dorset’s coastline – the Jurassic Coast! The idea is not to overload the reader with loads of text and 100s of photos but just give a taster in bitesize blog extracts. More information can be found on the visitwestdorset website and we hope we’ve held your interest to discover more about this glorious area of Dorset.

Lyme Regis Jurassic coastlineSo let’s get going with the second Jurassic bitesize blog from Visit West Dorset and discover a little more about the Jurassic Coast, after all it’s a World Heritage Site.

OK, read on and you’ll see why so many people, from all over the world, visit this stunning coastline – its’s a 185 million years in the making!

Visit West Dorset and its Jurassic coastline and you’ll find it’s an amazing place to explore at all times of the year.

The second Jurassic Coast extract from Visit West Dorset…

The Jurassic Coast – a World Heritage Site

Wow, where to begin… about this stunning, rugged, beautiful and pre-historic UNESCO World Heritage site Jurassic Coast – 185 million years in the making! It has everything along this geological historic coastline from amazing rock formations, dramatic cliffs and bays, fossil sites and outstanding coastal and clifftop views. The Jurassic area of south west England covers approximately 95 miles along the stunning Dorset coastline.

It’s stunning… to see this geological history in close up through various periods of this area’s Jurassic history over the last 185 million years. And it’s right here and in front of your eyes! The Jurassic Coast World Heritage site – a must visit area when you’re in Dorset!

More about the Jurassic Coast coming soon!

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